Tower pepper mill

A must have for every kitchen.


Speaker and charger


The eco friendly shower coach


Unplug and start solar charging!

Lumix Torch

The ultimate combination of style and function

How thoughtful is the designer to create features that increase the ease and delight of using everyday products. How thoughtful is the decision to make a positive impact on our environment. How thoughtful is it to create a collection of gifts that are both desirable and accessible.
XD Design: How thoughtful!


Pesta is all about freshness. Whether you want to make your own pesto, smash garlic or grind herbs, Pesta will make sure that what you put on the table is fresh.


The Osaka bags brings sustainable fashion into daily use with its recycled rPET material. Completely padded to safely secure all of your belongings.


At XD Design we like to bring traditional writing and current technology together in our pens. Take a look at our large pen range for surprisingly smart solutions.
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